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Stained Glass Signs

With a custom designed stained glass sign, Dallas businesses have a way to add style, color, and a high-end accent to their establishments, and catch customers’ eyes in a way they won’t easily forget.

Stained glass is a gorgeous art form that most people really admire. With stained glass signs, Dallas restaurants, shops and salons, offices, hotels, bars and pubs, theaters, and all kinds of other commercial businesses can add this art in the most beautiful and practical way.
Stained glass signs can be installed in a business’ front door. They can be built to be the backdrop of a bar. They can be added to a window, hung on a wall, or even hung outside the business to catch the eye of passersby on the street.

With our stained glass signs, Dallas clients assist in the design process by working with one of our designers to create a gorgeous one of a kind piece that perfectly complements the image of their business and the space it will be installed in.

Usually, the sign will have the name of the business integrated into the design. But it certainly doesn’t have to. It could also include a motto, slogan, logo, symbol, or other image. It can have a thoroughly modern flair or harken back to an earlier time.
Stained glass signs, Dallas business owners will be pleased to hear, are extremely versatile in their design possibilities. Since each sign we craft is custom designed specifically for the client, it can be any size or shape. It can be permanently installed or hung in a window or over a counter on a chain.

Texas Flag Stained Glass

For an Irish Pub or Bar, a stained glass sign featuring the name of the business with a border of Celtic inspired symbols might be the perfect design.
For a classy wine bar, perhaps the image of a wine glass or a bunch of grapes on the vine would be the right look.

By the way, stained glass signs are not just for businesses. They are fantastic in homes as well. With a stained glass sign, Dallas homeowners have stunning possibilities to say “welcome” to visitors to their home, if the sign is hung in the entryway. If they love the feel of a pub or sports bar in their home’s entertainment or family room, they could have a stained glass sign with their family name hung over or behind the bar.

Air Force (2)

For more information about custom designed and hand crafted stained glass signs, Dallas and the surrounding localities, please contact us today at Stained Glass Dallas. Whether you have your own ideas for a sign or would like our help in designing the perfect one, we’d love to work with you and we hope to earn your business.