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How Long Does it Take to Restore Stained Glass in Dallas Churches?

Church stained glass provides an important part of the worship process for many congregations throughout the Dallas area. As these beautiful, one-of-a-kind, antique stained glass pieces begin to reach to age of severe deterioration, it’s vital to begin thinking about the restoration process. Religious stained glass restoration can be a time-consuming process but delivers unmatched luminosity and potentially another century to its lifespan. Restored stained glass also offers higher property equity and provides endless inspiration for generations to come.

Dallas Church Stained Glass Restoration Timeline

Dallas church stained glass restoration begins with an on-site assessment conducted by our local stained glass artisans. This assessment can be analyzed and completed in a day. We utilize this time to understand project needs, the size of the project, root causes of deterioration, in addition to cost estimates and a cost-benefit analysis. Once church owners decide to undergo restoration, we carefully remove and transport your stained glass back to our studio. We soak your stained glass panels in a soapy water mixture that breaks up all dirt and impurities collected over the last century. This process can take up to two weeks until we are able to remove each individual piece easily. From there, restoration begins with each individual piece of glass and renewed lead came. Restoration itself can take an additional two weeks or more if there are painted glass elements that need to be duplicated. Once we match and replace each piece, the stained glass is set with black cement to add durability.

Scottish Stained Glass Intro from Stained Glass Dallas on Vimeo.

Dallas Church Stained Glass Re-installment

Once your stained glass is all set and polished clean, we reinstall your piece back into your church. The entire process can take up to a month or more for a single window. Religious stained glass restoration brings stunning imagery back to your congregation that can continue to inspire for another 100 years.

For more information regarding stained glass restoration for your Dallas church, please contact us or call: (214) 329-9832