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Synagogue & Temple Stained Glass

Stained Glass Dallas is proud to offer custom designed, hand crafted synagogue and temple stained glass. Whether the temple or shul is orthodox, reform, conservative, or any other type of Jewish temple or organization, we can build the most beautiful stained glass windows to enhance the congregation’s worship experience.

Our synagogue and temple stained glass is always designed specifically for that one client. No job is too large or small. Whether it’s a small stained glass insert in the temple’s front doors, featuring the Star of David, or it’s a series of windows depicting the first six days of creation or any other scenes from the Old Testament, we are honored to work on the project. We find religious stained glass of all kinds to be very rewarding.

Jewish temples around the world are adorned with beautiful stained glass masterpieces, such as the main sanctuary stained glass windows at the Jerusalem Great Synagogue or the famed twelve stained glass windows at the reform Temple Beth El in Aptos, California. These windows are rich in history, symbolism, and stunning beauty that inspires and delights, especially when the sunlight passes through them.

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Many Jewish temple stained glass is concerned with representing a particular religious theme, such as representations of the spiritual and physical worlds which God created. The windows can be filled with symbolism, the Star of David, depictions of the Torah, Moses and the Ten Commandments, a Menorah, or other modern symbolism such as an olive branch or a dove.

We will come right to the temple or synagogue, and work together with the rabbi or the building committee on the ideas and the design. This might include looking at photos, discussing ideas, themes, and the desired message, and of course, making sketches.

Once the design has been decided upon and sketched, we’ll move the project into our local studio. The pattern or blueprint for the design will be created with modern CAD software for an exact fit into the windows. The glass will be ordered. One of our local artisans will built the windows, cutting, assembling, and polishing each piece of glass by hand. Our installation processes always take into consideration the weight of the windows, the need for steel supports, and the need for clear glass on the outside of the stained glass to protect the glass art works from the elements and the ravages of time.

Stained Glass Dallas is a part of the largest stained glass studio of its kind in the country, known for producing the highest quality, most inspiring religious stained glass for over two decades. If you are looking for fine, custom synagogue or temple stained glass, we hope you will contact us today for an appointment.









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