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Chapel Stained Glass

Here at Stained Glass Dallas, it is our great honor to create chapel stained glass for Catholic churches, independent chapels attached to universities, hospitals, or airports, and even personal chapels in someone’s home.

Stained glass has always played a large part in chapel construction. We do custom religious stained glass for any kind of house of worship. Our designs are custom for the needs and wishes of that particular chapel.

Chapel stained glass can portray scenes from the Bible, religious messages, icons, or symbology. It can also be less representational in design, featuring an abstract design with no literal religious message. Or it can feature a symbol of faith or peace, such as an olive branch or a dove.

Every chapel is different, so therefore every set of stained glass windows or doors we create for that chapel is different as well.

Residential chapel stained glass

Some of our clients have a prayer room or chapel right in their homes. For these customers, we can create a custom piece of stained glass art that will light up the room with its beauty, and offer inspiration and upliftment. No job is too big or too small. We can design chapel stained glass for one window or a wall of windows, one panel insert in a door or an entire stained glass ceiling or wall.
Although most chapel stained glass is vividly colored, we can also work without color for a private residence, and create something equally stunning if desired.

Religious Stained Glass Dallas

Click here to take a look at some of the religious stained glass we have designed and built for chapels, churches, cathedrals, religious schools, seminaries, and other houses of worship over the past two decades.

Chapel Stained Glass Custom Process

Our process for creating chapel stained glass is simple and efficient. We will come to the chapel to see the space where you want the stained glass installed, see the size, the architecture, etc. We’ll discuss styles and designs, look at photos, and begin to make sketches. In this way, you can take advantage of your ideas merged with our designers’ talent and experience.

Once the idea and design have been set down, we will recreate the pattern to exact scale using CAD software. Then the chapel stained glass designs are assigned to one of our local Dallas stained glass builders. The windows will be constructed by hand, piece by piece, using careful attention to detail and the highest quality materials available.

Religious stained glass is one of our passions. For more information about chapel stained glass or to set up an appointment with one of our design professionals, we hope you will contact us today.









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