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Mesquite Stained Glass

Stained Glass Dallas Brings Mesquite the Finest Stained Glass Available in Texas

Stained Glass Dallas offers custom designs, hand crafted quality, and expert installation to the residents of Mesquite Texas, whether residential, commercial, or for a religious institution such as a church, a chapel, a seminary, or a temple.
Home of the Mesquite ProRodeo, this city is also home to art and décor lovers who want their homes, offices, and businesses to show off their great taste and stand above the rest in terms of aesthetic appeal. Stained glass is a natural fit for homes in Mesquite looking to add elegance and businesses in Mesquite looking to add color, uniqueness, and memorability.

Residential Stained Glass Popular in Mesquite TX Homes

Clients enjoy our custom design process, where they can choose the style (antique, Celtic, floral, leaded and beveled glass, Art Deco, etc.), the design, and the types and colors of glass for their new stained glass windows. We strive to ensure the styles and designs chosen not only reflect the tastes of the client but complement the home’s existing décor, period, and architecture. Our stained glass windows are phenomenal to change the look and feel of any room from a home’s entryway to the back bedroom, from those basement well windows to the small window in the stairwell. Any size, any shape, any design, any room.

Commercial Stained Glass Enhances the Décor of Mesquite TX Businesses

When it comes to commercial stained glass for Mesquite businesses, the only limits are those of the clients’ imagination. Whether a business is looking for a colorful stained glass backdrop, a striking stained glass lighting fixture, a stunning stained glass skylight or ceiling, or stained glass windows to give a more private feel to the interior, we can create the perfect designs. Take a business’ décor to the next level without the cost of a remodel.

Religious Stained Glass for Mesquite TX Churches, Chapels, Cathedrals, and Temples of Any Kind

Religious stained glass is widely popular in Mesquite’s houses of worship and for good reason. It can be uplifting and awe inspiring, reminding worshippers of the long history of their religion and connecting them in a visual way. We work one on one with Mesquite churches to create the windows they want. The designs we create can be traditional religious stained glass, featuring saints, icons, or biblical scenes. Or they can be more modern, abstract or geometric designs. We also have extensive experience with religious stained glass restoration and repair, for older or damaged stained glass.

Custom Design Process

Our custom designs start with an initial in home (or in office) design consultation. At this point, clients work together with one of our local designers to determine the style, design, and type of glass they want. Once we take the project back to our studio, we’ll create an exacting CAD blueprint, and one of our experienced stained glass artisans will build the window, by hand, piece by piece.

We also do stained glass repairs and restoration on projects small and large. Please contact us for more information.