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Grand Prairie Stained Glass

The Finest Custom Stained Glass for Grand Prairie Texas Homes and Businesses

The residents of Grand Prairie TX love everything their city has to offer, including its proximity to downtown Dallas, the state-of-the-art Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie, the popular Lone Star Park, and of course, the wildly popular Grand Prairie AirHogs minor league baseball team. Residents of Grand Prairie simply have great taste and seek to embrace everything life has to offer, whether it’s thrills in a skateboard park or making their homes and offices as stunning and chic as possible. And when it comes to stunning and chic, we believe we have something unique to offer.

Our custom designed and hand built stained glass makes a powerful statement in any room, whether in a home, an office, another type of commercial establishment, or a church or chapel.

Residential Stained Glass Lights Up Grand Prairie Texas Homes

When it comes to residential stained glass, Grand Prairie homeowners have their own distinct style and tastes. We work with each homeowner one on one, helping to create the perfect windows in the styles our clients love. Whether Art Déco or Celtic, floral or geometric, residential stained glass can be customized to suit the home’s décor, architecture, or period. Clients choose from one of the hundreds of existing patterns and designs or work with us to create something original and unique. We create stained glass entryways, kitchen cabinet doors, bathroom windows, bedroom skylights, and much more.

Commercial Stained Glass Makes Grand Prairie Texas Businesses Unforgettable

For décor conscious Grand Prairie business owners, adding stained glass adds value and a distinctive elegance that customers take notice of. We’ve created stained glass windows, backdrops, signs, and door panels for restaurants, offices, bars and pubs, hotels, and many other commercial spaces. As with our residential stained glass, each window is custom designed to the clients tastes and specifications.

Religious Stained Glass Links Grand Prairie Churches and Temples with a Beautiful Tradition

Many Texas churches, such as the First Presbyterian Church of Grand Prairie, already have gorgeous stained glass windows. Stained glass has been popular in churches, chapels, cathedrals, and temples for hundreds of years. We work with new church constructions to create stunning and unique windows that are sure to elevate any congregant’s worship experience. We are also proud and honored to do restoration and repair work on religious stained glass that is aged, damaged, or sagging under the pull of gravity and the weight of the years. Whether you are looking for new religious stained glass art or to restore and preserve older existing stained glass art, we look forward to working with you.

Custom Design Process

Whether residential, commercial, or religious, the first step is always to schedule a design consultation. Our designers come to you, show samples and photos, and make sketches until the design is exactly what you are looking for. Back in our studio, we use the finest equipment and materials, and each stained glass window is assembled and crafted by hand using local stained glass artisans. We believe the quality and the beauty of our stained glass – designed for residents of Grand Prairie – is second to none.

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