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Custom Stained Glass



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In Custom Stained Glass

By Stained Glass Dallas

Custom stained glass designs

On 26, Jan 2016 | No Comments | In Custom Stained Glass | By Stained Glass Dallas

In Dallas, stained glass is used to make a beautiful statement, add privacy, add elegance and class, add value, distinctiveness and aesthetic appeal, and much more.

In a home in Dallas, stained glass can become a focal point or the feature that ties together the décor. It can be that final finishing touch that takes a room from well decorated to incredible. Our custom stained glass designs are created to suit each client’s tastes as well as complement the décor and period of the room they will be installed in. Residential stained glass in a home’s entryway can completely alter the look of the front of the home, giving a uniquely elegant flair to the home and an impressive first impression to anyone coming to the house for the first time. In Dallas, stained glass is simply stunning in a home’s hallway or stair well windows, kitchen windows, or any doors in the home for an incredible style infusion. We even create custom stained glass window designs for Dallas basement windows, to block an ugly view or add some privacy without blocking any of the precious light.

In a business in Dallas, stained glass also can make an important statement. Our custom leaded and beveled stained glass designs can add privacy and class to any office or chic salon. Our more vibrant custom stained glass can be used as a bar’s backdrop, a shop’s front window or door, or even as a sign incorporating the name of the business into the design. For a hotel, resort, or convention or conference space, stained glass can make a major statement in a skylight or ceiling, or just in a massive set of double doors.


Of course, for a church or other house of worship in Dallas, stained glass windows are part of a long standing tradition stretching back hundreds of years. Stained glass adds inspiration and exquisite beauty to the experience of worship, which is why it is still popular all around the world.

Speaking of churches, in Dallas stained glass windows can be quite old and perhaps in need of either repair or a full restoration. Here at Stained Glass Dallas we have extensive experience in restoration of antique religious stained glass. We urge clients to contact us at the first sign that their stained glass windows are sagging, bowing, or have cracked or falling pieces of glass.

For more information about our Dallas stained glass custom designs, we hope that you will give us a call today or contact us via our convenient online form. We look forward to collaborating with you on a custom designed and hand crafted stained glass window or door that perfectly suits your needs and your style.