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Stained Glass Restoration And Repair

stained glass restoration dallas

Stained glass has been an important part of art history for centuries. That is why Scottish Stained Glass recognizes the importance of antique and older pieces, not just the new. Throughout the entire country, and even in Dallas, many historic and beautiful windows have been repaired and restored over the years by Scottish Stained Glass. Though many other stained glass companies refuse to do repair work, we are happy to repair or restore anything. Whether it is a stained glass piece from the wonderful historic cathedral window, a lamp that you purchased years ago, or even the home made piece of stained glass your mom made and gave you for Christmas.

As a standard rule among the stained glass community, if a stained glass window is less than 50 years old it is mostly likely able to be repaired simply and inexpensively. If the lead camping is still in decent condition, then it is simply a matter of replacing the broken piece or pieces. Unfortunately, for windows that are over 50 years old you will typically need to do a full restoration. A full restoration involves taking the panels completely apart and then saving all the original glass to be reused. All the lead will need to be replaced. As the panel is reconstructed, the original glass is recycled back into the piece and any broken pieces are matched for texture and color. The final result is a stained glass window that is practically identical to the original and will last for another lifetime.

The old artisans and masters of stained glass worked entirely by hand. The equipment they used, such as glass cutters, was far inferior compared to what we have today. Despite the difficulties and obstacles they were faced with, they managed to produce stained glass of incredible beauty. At Scottish Stained Glass we feel it is our duty to protect and preserve these works of art to the best of our abilities.

before church stained glass
church stained glass after
Leavenworth church BEFORE stained glass
Leavenworth AFTER church stained glass