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Custom Designed and Hand Crafted Stained Glass for Southlake Texas

Southlake Texas is a booming Dallas metroplex suburb with stunning homes, thriving businesses, unique entertainment like the enigmatic Escape Room on Commerce St. and beautiful natural getaways like the Bob Jones Nature Center & Preserve.

We offer custom stained glass designs to the residents of Southlake Texas. We work with homeowners, business owners, and churches to create the most beautiful stained glass windows, doors and more. And because our work is custom made, we strive to create the designs that will perfectly meet clients tastes, whether they love stained glass that looks like it stepped out of another century, or their tastes run to something much more modern.

Residential Stained Glass for Southlake Texas Homes

Stained glass adds value, beauty, elegance, and if necessary, even privacy to any room in a home. We meet with homeowners in the comfort of their homes to collaborate on the perfect designs. Many of our residential clients do not want color in their stained glass windows at all. They prefer the style known as leaded stained glass, which is colorless and can be made with clear glass, frosted or textured glass, and beveled glass. This type of stained glass is perfect for adding privacy to a hallway window, a home’s entryway, or a bathroom window. It can come in any style the homeowner chooses, to match their décor or even the architecture and period of their Southlake home.


Popular stained glass styles include: Antique, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Celtic, beveled glass, Mission Style, Frank Lloyd Wright, floral designs, and many more.

Homeowners in Southlake are invited to contact us today to set up an in-home stained glass design consultation.

Commercial Stained Glass for Southlake Texas Businesses

We custom design striking stained glass for Southlake offices, hotels, shops and salons, restaurants and bars. Stained glass creates a unique ambiance that your clients and patrons are certain to love. And for many businesses, the ambiance really does make a different to the customers’ satisfaction and desire to return. Take your interior to a whole new level of beauty, sophistication, color, distinctiveness and more with stained glass windows, doors, skylights, ceilings, lighting, and any other type of stained glass that would add just the right wow factor to your business location.

Business owners in Southlake TX are invited to contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our talented stained glass design professionals.

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Religious Stained Glass for Southlake Churches

Stained glass and houses of worship have a centuries old history together. Southlake churches can join this inspirational history and uplift their parishioners with religious themed stained glass. We work with churches of every denomination, chapels including home chapels, cathedrals, sanctuaries, temples, and any other house of worship to create stunning stained glass that will light the heart of all who see it.

We are always honored to work with a house of worship and invite you to contact us today for an appointment.