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Religious & Church Stained Glass

Featured Church Stained Glass Project: St. Edward’s

On 08, Sep 2022 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Religious & Church Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

We’re pleased the announce the completion of our successful custom church stained glass project. St. Edward’s Church, located in Pennsylvania, was looking to create a memorial piece for its late pastor. They wanted to replace the large window in their observatory that overlooked the main street intersection in order to hide the view during service. The church contacted various companies and decided to go with ours for its project.

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Texas’ Top 3 Most Beautiful Church Stained Glass Windows

On 30, May 2022 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Religious & Church Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

The Lone Star State is home to some of the most exquisitely designed houses of worship.

Let’s explore some Texas’ best church stained glass windows! You can check out these beautiful works of art on your next visit to the state.  Read more…

How Much is my Church Stained Glass Worth?

On 26, Feb 2022 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Religious & Church Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

Churches in the United States alone have over 400,000 stained glass windows. Stained glass is a popular religious practice in the United States, just like it is in Europe. In fact, the first stained glass windows were erected in Jamestown in 1607. The majority of US stained glass was used to decorate churches. Therefore, many of America’s oldest stained glasses may be found inside churches here.

According to the National Stained Glass Association, about 1 percent of churches have windows that are worth more than $1 million. However, not all stained glass is valuable. Here are some factors to consider when determining how much your Dallas church’s stained glass is worth.

What Determines the Value of Your Stained Glass Window?

There are a lot of variables to consider when trying to calculate the worth of your glass. Most of our Dallas church clients want to know what their glass is worth so they can decide whether or not to restore it. We believe that stained glass in churches has extra sentimental and historical value beyond its monetary value, but there are a number of factors an appraiser considers while evaluating the monetary value.

The Condition of the Dallas Church Stained Glass

The condition of your church’s stained glass is important when it comes to its worth. A stained glass window that has not been restored may be worth significantly less than one that has. Minor repairs for minor damage might boost the value of your Dallas church’s stained glass, as well as full restoration.

The Studio or Maker of Dallas Church Stained Glass

The maker of your Dallas church stained glass is critical to the value. Certain studios or artists may command a high price for their stained glass work. Tiffany stained glass windows, for example, can cost up to $200,000 depending on the type of glass used. Many large Victorian stained glass windows lack a signature, yet many professional stained glass restoration experts may be able to identify the creator based on style, types of glass, and location.

The Size of Your Dallas Church Stained Glass

The size of your church’s stained glass has a major influence on its value. The square foot is the most common unit for assessing stained glass. This is especially true when no artist or workshop is known. The larger the window, the more valuable it is. Although the cost per square foot of a piece of church stained glass goes hand in hand with its condition, before any calculations are done based on size, its condition must be verified first.

For more information regarding stained glass restoration or appraisals, please contact us!

Tulsa Church Stained Glass Windows Repaired with Restoration

Stained glass restoration is a tedious process but it is also very rewarding. Often, there is historic or sentimental value attached to the stained glass because it has a unique story or has been part of the community for a long time. For us, it’s a rewarding experience to be able to part of these special projects. It allows us to give back in our own unique way also to be part of the effort of preserving an art form that we hold very dear to our hearts.

Just recently, we had the opportunity to work on a particularly rewarding project for a historic church located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Vernon A.M.E. Church asked us to help with the restoration of their stained glass windows. Below, we’ve provided some details on the story of the church and the project.  Read more…

Questions That Will Help Make Your Church Stained Glass Restoration A Huge Success

On 19, Mar 2019 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Religious & Church Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

Church Stained Glass Restoration Advice For Dallas Churches

The cold hard truth is–having your Dallas church’s stained glass repaired or restored is a fairly large project that could be time-consuming depending on the size and scope of the project.  Also, the cost could range into the tens of thousands of dollars–depending on many factors. But, don’t let these truths scare you away because church stained glass restoration is a very rewarding undertaking.  It will bring your church members closer together and even bring your church and even community closer together too. It also preserves some of the fast depleting relics of church history for future generations to enjoy.  Furthermore, by asking yourself, your parishioners and your church stained glass restoration company a few key questions, you will very much streamline the process and make it easier for all.

Questions To Ask  Yourself Or Church Body

How Will You Raise The Money For The Church Stained Glass?

Cost is definitely an issue for churches because they will likely need to fundraise to get the money for the restoration.  Be sure to get a feel for how far your church members are willing to go to get the funds and what they may not be comfortable with.

Will church members donate themselves?

Will they seek out wealthy local donors?

Will, your church do fundraisers?  What kind of fundraisers?

Are you willing to write proposals for grants?

Are there historical societies to turn to for help?

How Will Decisions On Appearance, Budget And Timing Be Made?

Knowing who will be in charge of key decisions in the restoration process is critical, as well as, having a budget and a strong sense of timing that works for your church.

Will there be a church committee to manage the stained glass restoration?

Will there be a point person on the committee?

Who will be that point person from your church? And are they comfortable with making important decisions sometimes on their own?

Conversely, will your committee vote on every decision?

How Long Can You Realistically Be Without Your Church’s Stained Glass?

Knowing how long your windows will be out of commission and whether your church has upcoming events in which our temporary windows will not do, is a critical part of the restoration process.

If your church windows are not in place for the holiday season will that be an issue?

What about for summer time and wedding season?  

Timing really is everything, so taking a good hard look at the best season for your Dallas church’s restoration is key.

Questions To Ask Your Stained Glass Restoration Contractor

  1. Does Your Churches Stained Glass Need Repair Or Restoration?

Before you spend any valuable time or money on your church’s stained glass windows, be sure to ask and understand whether your church’s stained glass needs repairs or restoration.  They are very different processes. Also, don’t be afraid to ask if the glass is even worth it/ is salvageable. Sadly, not all church stained glass can be saved. Many things hinge on which type of job your church stained glass needs–timing, cost, where the windows will be worked on and more.

  1. Is The Restoration Company Insured?

Hiring a stained glass repair company that is insured is non-negotiable. Should an accident or injury occur on your church’s property, you could be held liable if they are not properly insured.  Stained glass is breakable so there is an inherent risk. Any reputable stained glass restorer will have full insurance and proof of it.

  1. How Long Will The Restoration Take?

The stained glass restorer you choose should be able to give you a good ballpark time estimate.  Of course, things could change a bit once your Dallas church’s stained glass windows are out and being repaired but having an idea of timing is important to your church’s events and fundraising efforts.

  1.  How Much Will The Church Stained Glass Restoration Cost?

As church stained glass restorers ourselves, we know that giving churches a fairly solid estimate on cost is important, since they will likely have to raise the funds from scratch.  Any reputable restoration company will be happy to answer questions on cost and scope.

These questions are a good jumping off point.  For more information on these questions or if you have a few in mind beyond these, contact us at Stained Glass Dallas today!



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In Religious & Church Stained Glass

By Martin Faith

5 Beautiful Churches in Dallas with Stained Glass Windows

On 23, Feb 2019 | No Comments | In Religious & Church Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

Dallas is such a gem of a city. The weather is always beautiful, the people are friendly, and there’s ton of places to explore and things to do. But perhaps one of the best things about Dallas is its architecture. Architectural marvels old and new can be found all over Dallas, including some of the most absolutely breathtaking churches with stained glass windows.

If you’re someone who appreciates art or history, you should definitely take a tour of Dallas’ church stained glass. By the end, not only will you have seen several spectacular works of art, but you may also feel inspired to add stained glass to your own church or home.

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Stained Glass Restoration Reviews:  Bethel A.M.E.

On 15, Feb 2019 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Religious & Church Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

What Church Stained Glass Restoration Does For A Community

While it is true that Church stained glass restoration is an expensive undergoing, it is also so very important to the history of American churches of all denominations and more importantly breathes new life into congregations.  Furthermore, it brings such joy to parishioners. So for churches here in Dallas and around the country, stained glass restoration should be a very real consideration for small windows to large and from simple to intricate.

A Stained Glass Restoration Rich With History

A  very fantastic example of how wonderful stained glass restoration can be for a church and its body as a whole is clearly illustrated by the sanctuary restoration of Bethel A.M.E. Church located in Huntington in NY.  This lovely old church has the distinction of being Huntington, NY’s oldest African American church and that distinction carries with it deep historical significance both for the area and for the African American culture in the area.   The project cost right around $50,00 and took about two years but as the parishioners found out, it carried deep meaning, since they truly felt they were preserving more than just their windows but their culture too. At the same time, they ended up paying homage to those bygone parishioners that put so much into founding church and the original stained glass windows.

The Deterioration Of The Stained Glass Windows

As you can see from the pictures,  the stained glass windows in the sanctuary at  Bethel A.M.E. were very minimalistic but so lovely!   They also were incredibly true to the style of the era in which they were installed back in 1924.  However, over the years the condition of these once lovely stained glass windows had become severely deteriorated so,  in 2016, Rev Larry D Jennings made a decision to restore them from their broken down condition. He did this not only because the window really needed it but because he and his church body saw the historical, culture and artistic value of these relics and also thought it was a good way to respect the church members of the past who likely sacrifice for them to be installed.

Paying For The Church Stained Glass Restoration


Paying for stained glass restoration can be an expensive endeavor and accordingly, finding funds can be a challenge.  But as Bethel A.M. E found out–not impossible and well worth it. In their case, a town historian, Robert Hughes found grants from the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation for $20,000, them the Sacred Sites program of the New York Landmarks Conservancy for $10,000; and finally The Gerry Charitable Trust for $5,000.  The remaining costs were covered by generous donations from the congregation itself and the results could not be more awe-inspiring.


Stained Glass Restoration Guide And Pricing

If you have a church here in Dallas with stained glass windows you and your church members. Contact us just love but maybe 80 or more years old, maybe it is time to consider having them restored as a way to breath new life into them and your congregation.  Here at Stained Glass Dallas, we are able to help guide you through the process, costs and even fundraising for stained glass restoration as well.  today for more information and for a free consultation/stained glass inspection.


Signs that Your Dallas Cathedral Stained Glass is Ready for Restoration

Dallas houses some of the most intricate, gorgeous cathedrals in the nation. With these historic cathedrals are incredible stained glass features that illuminate the observatories with inspiring imagery and meaningful messages. As these stained glass windows begin to age, you may notice some signs of deterioration. It is important to recognize which signs indicate the need for restoration in order to properly preserve your stained glass for numerous generations down the line.

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Exploring Beautiful Stained Glass Churches in Singapore

Singapore is renowned for so many incredible things from being one of the world’s largest business hubs to the most amazing street food. No wonder tourists love visiting this highly urbanized, cultural melting pot. Most people don’t know that Singapore actually houses some of the most beautiful stained glass! The stained glass found in Singapore churches definitely have a style of their own and only date back to the 1800s at most. With a more modern take, these stained glass collections should be visited by any stained glass enthusiast or art lover.

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Does Your Dallas Church Require Stained Glass Restoration?

As Dallas has been experiencing abnormal hail storms at the beginning of our summer months, many churches may notice that their stained glass windows are in need of repair or restoration. Whether your religious stained glass panels have small surface scratches or severe damage resulting from recent hail storms, Stained Glass Dallas can provide premium repair and restoration services. Our acclaimed restoration process can return your beautiful stained glass to its original glory, providing another century of inspiration for your congregation.

Restoration Process for Dallas Church Stained Glass Windows

We begin every restoration project with an on-site assessment of your religious stained glass windows. This allows us to better determine individual project needs, severity of stained glass damage, root issues producing deterioration, as well as an accurate project estimate. We tailor the restoration process specific to each project, ensuring successful results. Once you decide to undergo stained glass restoration, we carefully remove your stained glass windows and transport them back to our repair studio. From there your stained glass is soaked in a proprietary soap blend for up to two weeks in order to remove any impurities or dirt built up from the last century. This also allows us to disassemble your religious stained glass piece-by-piece so that we can repair or replace damaged pieces. Our stained glass artisans replicate any painted glass by hand in addition to creating all new lead came. Once restored, black cement is forced into every crack adding further reinforcement and durability.

Re-Installation of Your Dallas Church Stained Glass Windows

When your stained glass is set and polished, we return it to your Dallas church for re-installation. You and your congregation will be stunned by the luminosity, optical clarity, and beauty of your original stained glass.