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Historic Stained Glass



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Historic Stained Glass

By Stained Glass Dallas

Understanding The Symbolism of Church Stained Glass

On 11, Dec 2019 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Historic Stained Glass | By Stained Glass Dallas

Stained glass is a stunning art form that catches the eye and enchants the soul. Just ask anyone who goes to a Dallas church with towering stained glass windows! The way it refracts the light is glorious for believers and non-believers alike it can still elicit an ethereal feel. This is what contributed to the success of stained glass from the very start. However beautiful it also has significance on a spiritual level as well. This goes for the colors on stained glass too. While the colors are a large part of the overall artistic look, they also mean something spiritually to those viewing–, especially in the past. For the poor and illiterate it meant a way for them to understand the text of the gospel they couldn’t read. For the rich–the colors were a spiritual guide to living a better life. Read below to find out what each color stood for to both.

Stained glass colors symbolism

  1. Red: Represented the blood of Christ. Which means his color many times indicated strong emotions. Things like love or hate were commonly associated with the color red in stained glass. Also suffering and sacrifice from both Jesus and the saints that were martyred.
  2. Blue: This color is mostly used to symbolize heaven. Stemming from that it can represent ideas like hope, sincerity, and piety. This is evident in the color blue being something the Virgin Mary is often cloaked in.
  3. Green: The color of grass and nature, green is an indication of the spring and growth. Thus accordingly it represents rebirth, life and life over death in stained glass windows. It can also be a symbol of faith, immortality, and contemplation.
  4. Yellow: This color was something used to symbolize treachery like that of Judas. But, it is more common to see it used as the halo of saints and the Gates of Heaven. When used in this manner it symbolizes divinity, power, and glory.

These are the colors most frequently used in church stained glass and those with the richest symbolism. Now when you see a stained glass window you will have more insight into what the artwork means below the surface. For more information on church stained glass contact us Stained Glass Dallas.



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In Aggrigate
Historic Stained Glass

By Stained Glass Dallas

Make Your Historic Storefront More Authentic With Stained Glass

On 13, Nov 2019 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Historic Stained Glass | By Stained Glass Dallas

If you own a  historic storefront property here in Dallas and are looking to update but want to keep its character–the department of the interior has sound guidelines.

According to the NPS website you should

  1. Become familiar with the style

  2. Preserve the storefront’s character 

  3. Avoid the use of materials that were unavailable when the storefront was constructed

  4. Choose paint colors based on the building’s historical appearance.

In keeping with this adding stained glass to your storefront window is a great way to accomplish both beauty and authenticity.  This is because of the history of commercial establishments in the 18th and early 19th centuries.  They were typically on the ground floor of buildings. For this reason, it was hard for retail establishments to distinguish themselves from their residential neighbors. In response to this commercial spaces began installing large bay or “oriel windows made up of numerous small panes of glass” to set the shops apart from their residential neighbors. In the early 20th century with the advent of advanced building technology, commercial structures began using decorative stained glass transom windows.  This began a trend of denoting the presence of your commercial/retail space with stained glass. Therefore, using this same glass today in your historic storefront is truly authentic.

Stained Glass Styles That Work Well For Historic Storefronts

The style of stained glass you choose for you Dallas historic storefront is really a preference issue–and there are a lot of styles to choose from.  However, if you wish to preserve the authenticity of your store’s appearance you will want a stained glass style that was popular around the time your historic structure.  Below are some suggestions

For stores built in the 1800s:  Victorian Style Stained Glass, Gothic Style Stained Glass, Mackintosh Style Stained Glass

For stores built in the early 1900s:  Greene and Greene Style Stained Glass,  Art Nouveau Style Stained Glass

For historic buildings built in the early-mid 1900s: Prairie Style Stained Glass, Art Deco Style Stained Glass

All of this depends on the look of your entire building and the theme of your store but, keeping things as close to what they may have looked like– is always a wonderful touch.

To learn more about a stained glass style that may work wonderfully on your historic Dallas building, contact us at Stained Glass Dallas.