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Bathroom Stained Glass

Where Is The Best Place For Stained Glass In Your Dallas Home?

Stained Glass Is A Versatile, Practical Art Form

There is no question as to whether or not stained glass is a beautiful addition to any home in nearly any part of the country, if not world. This, of course, includes our very lovely Dallas area homes. While a lot of stained glass work we do here at Stained Glass Dallas is stained glass windows, the medium of stained glass also looks amazing on home architectural features too because it can so easily be customized to suit nearly any area or design style. Read more…



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In Bathroom Stained Glass

By Martin Faith

5 Brilliant Ideas for Bathroom Stained Glass in Your Dallas Home

On 27, Apr 2017 | No Comments | In Bathroom Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

Give your bathroom a fresh, new look and protect your privacy with bathroom stained glass. Bathroom stained glass is highly popular here in Dallas, and there’s good reason why too! Stained glass adds beauty and functionality to bathroom windows. And it’s totally easy to maintain and affordable!

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Bathroom Stained Glass for Arlington TX

Bathroom stained glass gives the savvy, style loving Arlington homeowner a few very important advantages. Obviously, the first one is beauty. Stained glass is a gorgeous art form, whether its brightly colored church windows or colorless bathroom windows. Usually, our Arlington clients do choose colorless leaded and beveled stained glass in their bathrooms.

Stained glass takes an average bathroom and makes it a show-stopper. It can be installed in the windows, in the bathroom cabinet doors, in the closet or toilet stall door, or even as a hanging panel in front of a larger window or right on the wall. With bathroom stained glass, Arlington homeowners can truly elevate the look of this sometimes difficult to decorate room.

But many of our clients want stained glass in their bathrooms for a completely different reason. They are looking for the extra privacy stained glass affords. If you think about it, bathroom windows, particularly if they are in a ground floor bathroom, have some pretty serious privacy requirements. But for some reason, they are frequently built using regular clear glass. And even when they do have frosted glass, they are frequently very plain and dull looking. Many homeowners resort to shades, blinds, or even bathroom curtains, but they all block the light. And who wants to suddenly realize that they just stepped dripping out of the shower, and have forgotten to draw the blinds? With bathroom stained glass, Arlington homeowners have a gorgeous permanent solution to privacy issues.

When it comes to our colorless, leaded and beveled bathroom stained glass, Arlington clients prefer it because it will also let in the light. And the beveled edges on the glass don’t just create pretty designs, they also refract that light flowing in into pretty prisms that send sparkles of colored light about the room. This effect is similar to what you see when a cut crystal is hanging in a sunny window.

Bathroom stained glass, Arlington customers will be happy to hear, is not any one particular style. It can be custom designed to match your style, your bathroom’s existing décor, or your home’s period or architecture. Got an old Victorian? Perhaps one of our antique styles would look phenomenal to upgrade that bay window behind your tub.
Got a modern home? Perhaps something from our signature Aspen collection would complement your bathroom décor.

Whatever style you like, whatever pattern or design you like, whatever colors or types of glass you like . . . you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to the look of your bathroom stained glass, Arlington!

For more information about bathroom stained glass, Arlington or around the state, please contact Stained Glass Dallas today.

Bathroom Stained Glass Creates High End Looks in Plano Texas

On 30, Apr 2016 | No Comments | In Bathroom Stained Glass, Stained Glass Benefits | By Martin Faith

Have you ever considered adding custom bathroom stained glass to your Plano Texas home? Would you be surprised to hear that bathroom stained glass is one of our most popular commissions? (We say commissions because each of our stained glass windows or door inserts is commissioned by the client, custom designed and hand crafted by us.)

With bathroom stained glass, Plano homeowners can add privacy to their bathrooms. These days, many people are concerned with privacy on their phones, on their computers, and everywhere in their lives, including their homes. If your bathroom has windows with regular clear glass, you might want more privacy. You might have added shades or curtains to achieve it. But we believe stained glass might be a better idea.

With bathroom stained glass, Plano bathrooms add privacy without blocking the light flowing into the room. And that’s not all. With bathroom stained glass, Plano homes have increased value. And increased beauty and elegance.

So the benefits of adding custom stained glass are not just aesthetic ones, as many people assume. Why would you like custom bathroom stained glass, Plano?

Let’s talk about the custom aspect. When we create residential stained glass for a client, one of our designers visits them in their homes. Our designer will measure the windows, note the décor, period of the home, and type of architecture. He or she will work together with the client, to ensure they will get stained glass that perfectly complements their tastes and elevates the look of the room. With our custom bathroom stained glass, Plano customers can choose the overall style (Art Deco? Antique? Mission style? Celtic design?), the actual design and pattern, and the colors or types of glass to be used. We can create stained glass in any shape or size.

Whether a bathroom contains a big bay window behind the tub or a tiny window right inside the shower stall, you can trust Stained Glass Dallas to create the perfect stained glass for it.
Our stained glass is not just custom designed, it is also hand crafted by specially trained artisans, using a combination of modern and traditional techniques. The modern part includes CAD software which turns out a perfect blueprint, guaranteeing the exact design the client wanted and an exact fit into the window (or door). The traditional aspect is the hand building process, where each piece of glass is cut and assembled by one artisan, entirely by hand. With our beautiful hand crafted bathroom stained glass, Plano bathrooms are upgraded, elevated, and turned into gorgeous rooms that rival any other room in the house in beauty and class.

For more information about bathroom stained glass, Plano or anywhere across Texas, we hope you will give us a call today.

Bathroom Stained Glass for McKinney Texas

On 23, Apr 2016 | No Comments | In Bathroom Stained Glass, Stained Glass Benefits | By Martin Faith

These days, everyone is looking for ways to ensure their privacy, and residents of McKinney Texas are no different. Privacy is a big issue in today’s electronic world, but old school privacy is just as important—if not more so. We are talking about privacy in the room of the home where you need it most: the bathroom. With custom bathroom stained glass, McKinney homeowners can get the privacy they need in the most gorgeous and stylish way imaginable.
Shades, blinds, and curtains, move over. Yes, all these things can add privacy, but they also block the light and don’t really add anything in terms of fabulous décor to the bathroom. And the frosted windows that some bathrooms are fitted with? They’re pretty boring, don’t you agree? But with bathroom stained glass, McKinney bathrooms go from boring to fabulous, and they let the light and the air through at the same time. (A stained glass windows does not let air through per se, we mean that if the windows are functional, you’ll still be able to open them after our custom stained glass inserts have been installed.)

Our stained glass products are custom designed to each client’s desires and needs. We build them to order, any size or shape, and craft them by hand using the highest quality materials and artisans. Our products take a bit longer to build, but our clients agree it’s well worth the wait. If your bathroom is in need of a focal point, a wow factor, a beautiful one of a kind piece of art, or that privacy we mentioned earlier, stained glass can give you what you’re looking for. With bathroom stained glass, clients choose the style and design, the color and type of glass.

That said, most of our bathroom clients prefer to add colorless leaded and beveled stained glass windows to their bathrooms. With this type of bathroom stained glass, McKinney homeowners have a window that will match any color scheme, will let in as much light as possible, and will add a truly elegant flair.

But don’t take our word for it! Click here to see some of the many examples of bathroom stained glass McKinney and other nationwide customers have commissioned us to make.

If you love what you see, perhaps now you are wondering how to get your own custom designed and hand built bathroom stained glass. That’s the easy part. Simply contact us and make an appointment for one of our talented stained glass designers to visit you in your home.
For more ideas and info on bathroom stained glass, McKinney and across the state of Texas, please contact us today.

Bathroom Stained Glass Adds Privacy to Denton Texas Homes

If there’s one room in the home where homeowners want and need privacy, it’s definitely the bathroom. So what’s up with all these bathroom windows made out of clear, regular glass? Where’s the privacy there? With bathroom stained glass, Denton TX homeowners can have all the privacy they need without blocking the sunlight.
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