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Carrollton Stained Glass

Stained Glass Dallas Offers Stunning Custom Stained Glass Windows and Doors for Carrollton Texas Residents

Carrollton TX is a historic city filled with culture and nature, such as the fascinating A. W. Perry Homestead Museum, the wonderful Carrollton Wind Symphony, and the lovely Elm Fork Nature Preserve. Residents of Carrollton love their city and love decorating their homes and businesses, making them reflect their individual tastes and desire for beauty. Our custom designed and hand crafted stained glass windows, doors, and hanging panels fit the bill perfectly. We design each stained glass piece specifically for that client’s tastes and needs, whether for a home, a restaurant or other commercial space, or for a church, chapel, synagogue, or other house of worship.

Residential Stained Glass Adds Value to Carrollton TX Homes

Residential stained glass adds value and beauty to Carrollton TX homes, but it can serve some very practical purposes as well. If you have a view you’d prefer to block, you can replace it with something much more appealing to look at: a stained glass window. If you need more privacy in an entryway or bathroom window, stained glass is the perfect choice because it adds style and privacy but still allows in the natural sunlight. Of course, if you are simply an art lover, a décor lover, or a stained glass lover, you don’t need any other reasons to add it to your home. Simply call us for an in-home, no-cost appointment. We’ll send over one of our designers who will work with you to create the perfect stained glass designs.

Commercial Stained Glass Lights Up Carrollton TX Businesses

Stained glass adds class to an office, distinctiveness to a restaurant or bar, privacy to a salon, and a chic, eye-catching wow factor to a hotel or resort or conference center. To see some of the commercial stained glass designs we’ve created in our twenty plus years in business, click here. We work with each business client on an individual basis, creating the perfect designs to meet your needs and beautify your space.

Religious Stained Glass Enhances Worship in Carrollton TX Churches

Stained glass windows have a long and striking history in churches around the world, and Carrollton churches are no different. There are many lovely examples of church stained glass to be seen, for example the gorgeous windows in the First Baptist Church Hebron, 3000 E. Hebron Parkway, Carrollton. These windows were installed nearly one hundred years ago, giving them antique status. Along with creating new religious stained glass for area churches and chapels, we also do restoration and repair work on antique stained glass, ensuring its longevity for another century or more. Whether a church is looking for traditional religious stained glass windows, or they prefer the artwork to be less representational, more abstract or modern, we work together to create the perfect windows.

Custom Design Process

Our custom design process ensures each client gets the styles and designs they want, carefully hand crafted with the types and colors of glass they have requested. The choices are wide, the results stunning. Our artisans still cut and assemble every stained glass window by hand, resulting in beautiful windows our clients can enjoy for decades to come.