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Stained Glass Dallas Provides Arlington Texas with the Finest Custom Stained Glass Available Anywhere

Cowboy hats, cattle drives, the Texas Giant Roller Coaster, and . . . custom stained glass! These are just some of the things associated with Arlington TX, a terrific suburb of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, known for its nightlife, its restaurant scene, and the pride its residents take in their homes. Arlington residents are big on culture, with the Arlington Museum of Art, the Arlington Symphony, and the Levitt Pavilion Arlington leading the way. And they want their homes to express some of this interest in culture as well.
We custom design and hand craft each and every stained glass window and door panel to our clients specifications and tastes. In Arlington Texas, stained glass is not just for churches. We work with homeowners who want to add value and uniqueness to their homes. We work with restaurants, bars, hotels, and shops that want to give their space an unforgettable focal point. And of course, we do religious stained glass for churches, chapels, and temples of all kinds.

Residential Stained Glass for Arlington Texas

Work with one of our highly trained designers to add stained glass to any room in your home. We come right to your home and collaborate on the style and design, ensuring your stained glass windows complement both your personal tastes and the room they will be installed in. With a stained glass entryway, Arlington residents can have more beauty, more light, and more privacy in their homes’ entryways. With stained glass kitchen cabinet doors, a kitchen gets a stunning makeover for much less money than an entire kitchen remodel. With stained glass in the bathroom, that room gets the elegance it deserves and you get the privacy you deserve. Popular residential styles include leaded and beveled stained glass, which are colorless and complement any color scheme.

Commercial Stained Glass for Arlington

We do custom designs for commercial stained glass. Whether you are looking for a stained glass ceiling for your Arlington hotel, a stained glass backdrop for your Arlington pub, or a stained glass sign for an Arlington shop, we can design and build the perfect piece for any commercial location. Take a look at our commercial stained glass gallery for some ideas.

Religious Stained Glass for Arlington Churches and other houses of worship

Stained Glass Dallas is honored and proud to design and build custom stained glass for Arlington’s churches, chapels, and temples. We do either traditional religious designs, or more modern and less literal designs, depending on the needs of each individual house of worship.
By the way, if you are looking for some live stained glass inspiration in the Arlington/Dallas area, please go see the incredible spiral stained glass chapel ceiling at Thanksgiving Square in downtown Dallas.
We also do stained glass repairs and restoration on projects small and large. Please contact us for more information.