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The Best Stained Glass Colors For Your Dallas Home

Stained Glass Colors For Your Dallas Home

Stained glass and the processes that go into making are ancient. You probably already know stained glass as being something that is both colorful and intricate but what you may yet know is– the glass that has been colored by adding metallic salts during the manufacturing process, giving us all the wonderful colors we see today. Also, color can also be applied by painting on the surface of the glass and later fused together by a kiln. Regardless of which method is used to give the glass color, the results are always stunning and make stained glass windows to be a beautiful addition to any home. Keep in mind, which color combinations you chose will contribute immensely to the success of stained glass in your home’s decor. Below are simple and sure stained glass color combinations that will make the stained glass you buy from Stained Glass Dallas an instant masterpiece!

Fantastic Stained Glass Color Combinations For Your Dallas Home

Monochromatic: One amazing way to make a statement but not do too much is to use different shades of the same color. This is especially useful when the room you are putting stained glass in is already done in a bright color scheme. The best bet is to choose a complimentary color to the existing room colors. ex: red/green blue/orange purple/yellow.

Neutral: This is the perfect option for rooms that face or frame a natural setting already. Not only that– neutrals go with just about any color palette you may already have in your home. So rather than pile on more color, look for neutral tones.

Beveled: If the room you would like to put the custom stained glass window in is fairly bustling and bright with color already, using opaque glass with plenty of bevels to bend the light, is an awesome way to harness the power of refracted light beautifully, while still keeping the window from clashing in any way.

Bold: Using a lot bright and varied colors is a fun way to use stained glass, as strong colors are one of stained glasses best attributes. In rooms or hallways that are either very light colored or white, using the power of bold colors is perfectly acceptable and a fun way to use the advantages of stained glass’s numerous bright color possibilities.

Dallas’s Stained Glass Color Experts

Stained glass is such a gorgeous art form, that, in our opinion, there is no wrong way to use it in decor. But, a little forethought and advice from our designers, will make your window absolutely stunning in the setting you intend it for and ensure it has the most impact viewers. To learn more about our 600+ color selection of stained glass colors and to get going on a stained glass masterpiece of your very own for your Dallas home, contact Stained Glass Dallas today!

Stained Glass For Your Modern Dallas Home

Stained Glass For A New Century

When people think stained glass it is natural for them to associate it with church decor. In fact is it somewhat synonymous with all sorts of religious institutions such as cathedrals, churches, synagogues and even mosques. The next likely association people make of stained glass is home decor from the victorian or craftsman eras of design. In fact, many people who own a home built in either of those time periods likely has a stained glass window (or even two or three) on their home. This is because, iconic designers like Frank Lloyd Wright and The Greene Brothers, during the first half of the 20th century, made a link in the minds of Americans between stained glass and home style rather than strictly adornments for churches. Since then, its popularity has only risen and is just as in vogue today than ever before. At Stained Glass Dallas, we are happy that each day we are able to continue the work of such design masters who had such a strong and lasting impact on the American home style we still see today.

An Example Of A Frank Lloyd Wright Style Stained Glass

The Practical Applications Of Stained Glass

Stained Glass, with all its depth and beauty, is an obvious art form. What may surprise you is–it is known as “practical art”. As a versatile medium which can be tailored to suit nearly any design style or taste, it exudes practicality. In fact, in this day and age, there are no restrictions which room stained glass can be used in.. Any room in a house: bathroom, kitchen, living room, the entryway will look extraordinary with the addition of stained glass. It is also good for unique applications like a fireplace screen, stylish cabinet doors or even on ceilings! The wide range of uses of stained glass, both practical and artistic is impressive and invaluable to homeowners looking for a creative home display.

Some other, just as important, reasons why you might consider installing stained glass:
• Stained glass is a beautiful privacy option– especially useful for spaces like bathrooms or bedrooms.
• Stained glass can block an unattractive view like a vacant lot or a close neighbor
• Stained glass can express your personal tastes and act as a centerpiece for a design overhaul.

Regardless of where you put stained glass or which use, practical or artistic, you employ it for, the result will always be a stunning masterpiece right in your own home. It is sure to delight you, your family and guests for years to come and, deservingly, take center stage in any room in which it resides. In fact, we hear from happy customers all the time, saying they find reasons to fall in love with it all over again each and every day!

If you live in Dallas, or the surrounding area and are considering a stained glass window to brighten or update your decor, contact Stained Glass Dallas, today and let’s get going an heirloom quality piece of glass for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come!

5 Brilliant Ideas for Bathroom Stained Glass in Your Dallas Home

Give your bathroom a fresh, new look and protect your privacy with bathroom stained glass. Bathroom stained glass is highly popular here in Dallas, and there’s good reason why too! Stained glass adds beauty and functionality to bathroom windows. And it’s totally easy to maintain and affordable!

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Beautiful custom Stained Glass for your Dallas, Texas Home

Dallas resident's take great pride in keeping their homes looking beautiful. Stained glass from Scottish Stained Glass is a great accent which can easily and affordably add a stunning touch to sidelights, entryways, bathrooms, transoms, kitchens, and even bedrooms or basements. Having served clients throughout the United States for more than 20 years, we are experienced with building and restoring the types of stained glass which look beautiful in Dallas homes. Whether you need stained glass to match your home's historic character, want to develop a custom design to compliment your interior scheme, or merely would like to add some funtional glass that will ensure the privacy of your entryway or bathroom, you've come to the right company. Our experienced designers will come to your Dallas/Fort Worth home or office and meet with you face to face. We will take measurements, develop and undersatnding of your project's context, and hear and design ideas which you may have developed. Then we will sketch some prelimiary ideas with you, and show you sampeles of the glass textures and colors we use. Finally we can use computer programs to provide you renderings of what the final product will look like. This time tested process is why Scottish Stained Glass is today the nation's largest and most respected stained glass studio of its kind. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business! Please contact us today!