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What Style Stained Glass Should Go In Your Dallas Home?

Choosing The Best Stained Glass Style For Your Dallas Home

Finding the best style of stained glass for the windows on your Dallas home is one of the most important parts of ensuring the window you buy will be a cherished feature for you and your family for years to come. Choosing the right style of stained glass window is really more about your personal tastes than it is the style of house. For instance, if you have a vintage home, a contemporary designed stained glass window can actually blend quite nicely, whether it matches your existing decor or simply your own personal tastes. You don’t want to pigeonhole your design decisions based on what period your home was built in, not to say that won’t play a factor. However, many styles of stained glass windows mix and match beautifully with other similar or very different architectural designs. We, at Stained Glass Dallas, have listed a few of our favorite design styles and listed a few home styles they would match.

Stained Glass Styles For Your Dallas Home

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Stained Glass: Often known for its geometric lines and architectural feel, Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired stained glass windows blend perfectly with any contemporary home but also look stunning in mid-century modern homes as well.

Mackintosh Style Stained Glass: Known best for the iconic Glasgow rose pattern at times has elements of both straight geometric lines on some designs and more slowly Art Nouveau on others. Because of their exquisite beauty and deep range of shapes and colors, Mackintosh style stained glass windows are a wonderful fit for something as modern as this century or even on houses from the Victorian Era.

Art Deco Style Stained Glass: Full of intricate and repeating patterns, colors and strong use of beveled glass, Art Deco style stained glass goes perfectly in today’s modern home, mid-century modern homes and of course, any home built in the 20’s or 30’s.

As you can see, stained glass windows are wonderful and versatile additions to any Dallas area home. Whether you are looking to modernize a turn of the century house or give your modern home a more organic feel, stained glass can transform and enhance any home.

Contact Stained Glass Dallas for more information and a free stained glass design consultation for your home today!

Where Is The Best Place For Stained Glass In Your Dallas Home?

Stained Glass Is A Versatile, Practical Art Form

There is no question as to whether or not stained glass is a beautiful addition to any home in nearly any part of the country, if not world. This, of course, includes our very lovely Dallas area homes. While a lot of stained glass work we do here at Stained Glass Dallas is stained glass windows, the medium of stained glass also looks amazing on home architectural features too because it can so easily be customized to suit nearly any area or design style. Usually one will see stained glass windows in stairways, entryways, bathrooms, and kitchens. However, stained glass can successfully be used as a room divider, fireplace screen, or even on your Dallas home’s ceiling. So this versatility begs the question: Where is the best place for you to put stained glass in your home?

Read on and find out the area that may best suit your stained glass needs.

The Best Places For Stained Glass On Your Dallas Home

If you are on the verge of deciding to put stained glass in your home you must first decide where you want to put it. Stained glass makes great windows, as you probably already know, but it also can be used as an architectural feature as well. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you hone in on the exact right spot in your house for it.

Are you looking to add resale value to your Dallas home?

If this is the case, stained glass will work perfectly for you as an architectural feature. You can add gorgeous stained glass to cabinet doors, as room dividers or as fireplace element, all of which pay off significantly, when it comes time to sell!

Do you want more privacy to your Dallas home?

If this is the case, then, like many of our stained glass customers looking for privacy, a bathroom or bedroom stained glass window will be best. Both of these locations are sensitive and therefore perfect for stained glass windows. They will provide privacy and beauty, which is why they are especially useful for spaces like bathrooms or bedrooms.

Do you want to increase your Dallas home’s resale value?

If this is what you are looking to do then you likely want to put a stained glass in your home’s entryway windows or transom windows since they tend to be street facing and attract a fair amount of attention. The great part about these windows is, when properly placed they can also block an unattractive view and add a little privacy too

No matter where you want to put stained glass in your Dallas home, Stained Glass Dallas is the company to make your stained glass dream a reality. Contact us today and let us consult with you and begin pricing you stained glass masterpiece!

Sell Your Dallas Home For A Lot More Money By Adding Stained Glass

Stained & Leaded Glass: The Perfect Investment For Your Dallas Home

For a home improvement chalked full of elegance and style–there is no match for stained and/or leaded glass. This is because the beauty of these works of art is undeniable. It is easy to see the beautiful lines and pretty patterns that these craft pieces are a welcome and lovely addition to any home. Likewise, their function is immediately apparent– adding privacy and a definitive touch of class to any part of your Dallas home. Read more…

Beautiful custom Stained Glass for your Dallas, Texas Home

Dallas resident's take great pride in keeping their homes looking beautiful. Stained glass from Scottish Stained Glass is a great accent which can easily and affordably add a stunning touch to sidelights, entryways, bathrooms, transoms, kitchens, and even bedrooms or basements. Having served clients throughout the United States for more than 20 years, we are experienced with building and restoring the types of stained glass which look beautiful in Dallas homes. Whether you need stained glass to match your home's historic character, want to develop a custom design to compliment your interior scheme, or merely would like to add some funtional glass that will ensure the privacy of your entryway or bathroom, you've come to the right company. Our experienced designers will come to your Dallas/Fort Worth home or office and meet with you face to face. We will take measurements, develop and undersatnding of your project's context, and hear and design ideas which you may have developed. Then we will sketch some prelimiary ideas with you, and show you sampeles of the glass textures and colors we use. Finally we can use computer programs to provide you renderings of what the final product will look like. This time tested process is why Scottish Stained Glass is today the nation's largest and most respected stained glass studio of its kind. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business! Please contact us today!