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Beautiful Example of Using Stained Glass in Wedding Venues

Stained Glass is such a gorgeous feature in homes and churches across the world. In fact, it is so stunning that using it only in architectural settings seems like a waste! That is why we decided to search for uses of such a breath-taking art form in a wedding setting! The ability of stained glass refract colors, reflect surroundings and its ethereal designs are only a couple of reasons why it should make an appearance at your upcoming Dallas wedding this year!

A Stained Glass Wedding Backdrop

Finding a church with stained glass to get married under is pretty easy. But what if you want an outdoor wedding? Or a secular location? In that case, the stained glass will simply need to come to you. Stained glass wedding backdrops are all the rage now, so you can likely find one with a little googling. If not, it is really something you should ask your wedding planner about. If something as extravagant as this one on Pinterest is hard to find–try piecing together a few vintage stained glass panels like this one recommended by Martha Stewart.

A Stained Glass Cake

We understand that finding the right stained glass backdrop at the right price could prove too difficult. But, if you still love the stained glass wedding look and want to fit it in–why not try a stained glass wedding cake? They are surely a bit bit more affordable and easier to source. Plus, they are gorgeous as you can see here and no doubt delicious too. Your guests will be talking about your killer wedding cake for years to come!

A Stained Glass Seating Chart

Every bride wants a fresh new idea for a seating chart. Making something traditionally boring into something people will be pinning for ages is, after all, quite a feat. So, a fantastic idea is using stained glass to put those seating charts on. Just look at this stunning stained glass panel seating chart here. It grabs your guest’s attention and points them to their table in a lovely trendsetting way!

Here at Stained Glass Dallas, we have a ton of ideas on how you can incorporate stained glass into any event, home, church or business. Contact us today for a free consultation and some stained glass suggestions!

Stained Glass Privacy Solutions for Dallas Condos

Not having enough privacy in your home is not only unsettling, it also leads to a lot of embarrassing situations. You walk by the front door and the mailman catches you in your bunny pajamas. Or maybe you try to crouch down when you’re taking a shower so that your neighbor doesn’t see you through the bathroom window.

Privacy is one of those things that you don’t realize is important until you don’t have it. And unfortunately, in condo communities, it’s hard to come by due to the close proximity between units.

That’s why we’d like to share some of our favorite stained glass privacy solutions with you. By installing stained glass for your Dallas condo, you can get the privacy you need without blocking light.

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Understanding The Symbolism of Church Stained Glass

Stained glass is a stunning art form that catches the eye and enchants the soul. Just ask anyone who goes to a Dallas church with towering stained glass windows! The way it refracts the light is glorious for believers and non-believers alike it can still elicit an ethereal feel. This is what contributed to the success of stained glass from the very start. However beautiful it also has significance on a spiritual level as well. This goes for the colors on stained glass too. While the colors are a large part of the overall artistic look, they also mean something spiritually to those viewing–, especially in the past. For the poor and illiterate it meant a way for them to understand the text of the gospel they couldn’t read. For the rich–the colors were a spiritual guide to living a better life. Read below to find out what each color stood for to both.

Stained glass colors symbolism

  1. Red: Represented the blood of Christ. Which means his color many times indicated strong emotions. Things like love or hate were commonly associated with the color red in stained glass. Also suffering and sacrifice from both Jesus and the saints that were martyred.
  2. Blue: This color is mostly used to symbolize heaven. Stemming from that it can represent ideas like hope, sincerity, and piety. This is evident in the color blue being something the Virgin Mary is often cloaked in.
  3. Green: The color of grass and nature, green is an indication of the spring and growth. Thus accordingly it represents rebirth, life and life over death in stained glass windows. It can also be a symbol of faith, immortality, and contemplation.
  4. Yellow: This color was something used to symbolize treachery like that of Judas. But, it is more common to see it used as the halo of saints and the Gates of Heaven. When used in this manner it symbolizes divinity, power, and glory.

These are the colors most frequently used in church stained glass and those with the richest symbolism. Now when you see a stained glass window you will have more insight into what the artwork means below the surface. For more information on church stained glass contact us Stained Glass Dallas.

Beautiful custom Stained Glass for your Dallas, Texas Home

Dallas resident's take great pride in keeping their homes looking beautiful. Stained glass from Scottish Stained Glass is a great accent which can easily and affordably add a stunning touch to sidelights, entryways, bathrooms, transoms, kitchens, and even bedrooms or basements. Having served clients throughout the United States for more than 20 years, we are experienced with building and restoring the types of stained glass which look beautiful in Dallas homes. Whether you need stained glass to match your home's historic character, want to develop a custom design to compliment your interior scheme, or merely would like to add some funtional glass that will ensure the privacy of your entryway or bathroom, you've come to the right company. Our experienced designers will come to your Dallas/Fort Worth home or office and meet with you face to face. We will take measurements, develop and undersatnding of your project's context, and hear and design ideas which you may have developed. Then we will sketch some prelimiary ideas with you, and show you sampeles of the glass textures and colors we use. Finally we can use computer programs to provide you renderings of what the final product will look like. This time tested process is why Scottish Stained Glass is today the nation's largest and most respected stained glass studio of its kind. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business! Please contact us today!