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How to Get Started with Your Dallas Commercial Stained Glass Restoration

Have you noticed any signs of damage or deterioration on your original stained glass windows? Some commercial properties are lucky enough to have beautiful original stained glass features that differentiate your business, attract guests, and improve repeat guest retention. It’s important to be aware that stained glass will always require restoration in order to properly preserve it. This usually is necessary around the 75 to 100-year mark. Here are the steps you should consider taking if you think your stained glass is ready for restoration.

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Privacy Stained Glass Options for Your Dallas Home Entryway

Entryways can be often overlooked but should be prioritized since they make the first impression for visitors and guests that are entering your home. Having a bright, grand entryway can also brighten up the rest of your property. A common issue among entryways is also privacy concerns. Many of the homes here in Dallas have sidelights, transoms, and other surrounding windows around their front door. While this is great for bringing in natural light, it poses privacy issues as well. Homeowners can address these concerns with privacy stained glass.

The Benefits of Privacy Stained Glass for Dallas Homes

Privacy stained glass is the perfect option for entryways. It effectively obstructs unwanted views from the outside in while maintaining natural sunlight. Tacky window coverings can be quite unsightly for entryways and can take away from the look and decor of your home. Privacy stained glass improves curb appeal, heightens your property value, and also helps make the best impression for all of your guests. With custom stained glass, you can achieve the look of an authentic custom-built home and transform your existing entryway. Privacy stained glass can be added to any part of your home that needs a little extra seclusion. From contemporary, leaded glass looks to traditional, colorful glass, you can create a stunning design that’s unique to your home.

Work with Dallas’ Number One Custom Stained Studio

Stained Glass Dallas is honored to be the number one custom stained glass studio serving the state of Texas. We’re proudly offering free virtual consultations and would love to help you create a gorgeous entryway design. Privacy glass offers both beauty and function, providing a great investment for any home. Work with our stained glass artisans virtually to create the design of your dreams!

For more information regarding privacy stained glass for your Dallas home’s entryway, please contact us!

Beautiful Example of Using Stained Glass in Wedding Venues

Stained Glass is such a gorgeous feature in homes and churches across the world. In fact, it is so stunning that using it only in architectural settings seems like a waste! That is why we decided to search for uses of such a breath-taking art form in a wedding setting! The ability of stained glass refract colors, reflect surroundings and its ethereal designs are only a couple of reasons why it should make an appearance at your upcoming Dallas wedding this year!

A Stained Glass Wedding Backdrop

Finding a church with stained glass to get married under is pretty easy. But what if you want an outdoor wedding? Or a secular location? In that case, the stained glass will simply need to come to you. Stained glass wedding backdrops are all the rage now, so you can likely find one with a little googling. If not, it is really something you should ask your wedding planner about. If something as extravagant as this one on Pinterest is hard to find–try piecing together a few vintage stained glass panels like this one recommended by Martha Stewart.

A Stained Glass Cake

We understand that finding the right stained glass backdrop at the right price could prove too difficult. But, if you still love the stained glass wedding look and want to fit it in–why not try a stained glass wedding cake? They are surely a bit bit more affordable and easier to source. Plus, they are gorgeous as you can see here and no doubt delicious too. Your guests will be talking about your killer wedding cake for years to come!

A Stained Glass Seating Chart

Every bride wants a fresh new idea for a seating chart. Making something traditionally boring into something people will be pinning for ages is, after all, quite a feat. So, a fantastic idea is using stained glass to put those seating charts on. Just look at this stunning stained glass panel seating chart here. It grabs your guest’s attention and points them to their table in a lovely trendsetting way!

Here at Stained Glass Dallas, we have a ton of ideas on how you can incorporate stained glass into any event, home, church or business. Contact us today for a free consultation and some stained glass suggestions!

Beautiful custom Stained Glass for your Dallas, Texas Home

Dallas resident's take great pride in keeping their homes looking beautiful. Stained glass from Scottish Stained Glass is a great accent which can easily and affordably add a stunning touch to sidelights, entryways, bathrooms, transoms, kitchens, and even bedrooms or basements. Having served clients throughout the United States for more than 20 years, we are experienced with building and restoring the types of stained glass which look beautiful in Dallas homes. Whether you need stained glass to match your home's historic character, want to develop a custom design to compliment your interior scheme, or merely would like to add some funtional glass that will ensure the privacy of your entryway or bathroom, you've come to the right company. Our experienced designers will come to your Dallas/Fort Worth home or office and meet with you face to face. We will take measurements, develop and undersatnding of your project's context, and hear and design ideas which you may have developed. Then we will sketch some prelimiary ideas with you, and show you sampeles of the glass textures and colors we use. Finally we can use computer programs to provide you renderings of what the final product will look like. This time tested process is why Scottish Stained Glass is today the nation's largest and most respected stained glass studio of its kind. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business! Please contact us today!